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Certainty August 19, 2009

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I think as humans, we all like answers.  We like to know that what we think is real, is in fact real.  As a mom with a kid with a peanut allergy, I like to know that he is in fact, allergic to peanuts.  As a mom getting ready to send her 6 year old child into the big bad world, I need to know.

Dude first tested positive with a peanut allergy when he was 18 months old.  His first reaction was so mild, the allergist was convinced it was just a protein reaction and only performed the skin test to pacify me.  She was shocked when it came back positive.  Since then, he’s eaten his fare share of peanuts (don’t ask).  And each time, he’s had no to very minimal reactions that are quickly reversed with a dose of Benedryl.  Last week, our allergist decided it would be the responsible thing to go one step further and perform a blood test.

Good Lord.

You would have thought he suggested Dude kiss his mother, or something equally horrifying.  Oh, the screaming and yelling that ensued!  But 3 nurses, an exhausted mom and a vial of blood later, it was determined that without a doubt, he is allergic to peanuts.

And you know, its a huge sense of relief.  I know that nothing has changed.  I know that Dude is capable of keeping himself safe.  I know that all of the choices we’ve made to teach him to stay safe are worth it.  If it had come back that he wasn’t allergic, well then I’d be more worried that well…maybe the test was wrong…but yikes!  I’d have no doctors order for him to carry an epi-pen or keep Benedryl at school.

So, here we go.  On Monday I need to pick up his prescriptions and get his allergy kit and paperwork up to the school.  Once I figure out who is teacher is, I need to get her educated.  I need to figure out what happens when Dude wants to buy cookies at school.

But atleast I know all of these things.  And knowing is power.  And peace of mind.


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