My Three Kid Circus

This may be as crazy as it gets… but we're lovin' it!

Day 2 August 5, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 12:01 am

My daughter is at day camp this week, so I have been back into the routine of packing lunches.  At first, I wasn’t sure if her unit leaders would approve of her bento boxes (over tossing brown bags and baggies) but I figured that since it was MY daughter who would be carrying her empty lunch box after lunch, they didn’t have any room to complain.

So, here is today’s lunch:

The Contents: Half a turkey sandwich, carrots, blueberries, apple chunks, teddy grahams and a tootsie roll.

The Details: The turkey sandwich is on one of those whole wheat bread thins.  Its the only whole wheat sandwich bread my daughter will eat.  One of my issues with “cute” food is the potential for waste, so after I cut the cheese flower, I stuffed the “scraps” into the sandwich.  I further decorated the sandwich with a blueberry for the center of the flower and held it all together with a plastic toothpick.  My kids are good about bringing them home so I can reuse them.  The blueberries are in a silcone muffin cup.  I love the muffin cups as they’re squishy and allow me to use otherwise dead-space.  If the contents are a bit wet, it keeps the moisture off the neighboring food.

The Verdict: Her troop leader is jealous of her lunches.


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