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Lunch at the Park August 13, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 12:56 am

Today we met some friends at the park for lunch.  My added challenge was to pack a lunch that would fill Dude’s belly after a 3 hour soccer camp, but tide everyone over until a late dinner since Bug had gymnastics after our park date.  One of my kids’ favorite is sushi and today seemed like a good day for it.

The Contents: Tuna sushi rolls, kiwi bites, apple bites, a mini fruit kabob, carrots, green beans and chocolate goldfish.

The Details: So, the sushi…don’t get too excited or start thinking I’m all that crazy.  One of our good friends introduced me to a fabulously easy and kid-friendly sushi filling – canned tuna.  Bug and I add cucumber as well.  The other funny thing about my kids is that they prefer plain rice to sushi rice and I’ve been experimenting with different combinations to try to get it just right.  Today I tried one part brown rice, .75 parts white sticky rice and few splashes of sushi vinegar.  Unfortunately, I added too much water and it ended up mushy.  However, my primary goal was to switch over to brown rice and there were no complaints, so I plan to keep tweaking until I get it right.

The rolls on the top were done with an egg sheet instead of nori.  The boys didn’t eat theirs, but Bug really liked it so I’ll do that again too.  Egg sheets are a different post, on a different day.

Regarding the fruit kabob, I have learned that my boys will eat anything on a stick.  What is it with boys and sticks?  Since Dude claims to hate grape and blueberries, I opted to put them on sticks, and what do you know?  They’re gone.  Go figure.

Finally, one of my goals for these lunch boxes is to be as waste free as possible.  Usually I don’t line the inserts, but my inserts were slightly damp so I did add a cupcake liner to try to keep the goldfish crunchy.

The Verdict:  I got complaints about the mushy sushi, but it was eaten.  Tomorrow I will post about why I love these particular lunch boxes so much.  Today’s lunch is a good example.

(How’s that for a cliffhanger ending?)


5 Responses to “Lunch at the Park”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Love it! You beat me to posting on my own link up. ;o)

    Ended up upstairs with a very upset B, who was crying in his sleep, think he has what his sister had last week.

  2. Shannon Says:

    Oh, and for waste-free, I really like the silicone cupcake liners from Wilton. I bought mine 3 years ago and they have held up really well.

    • my3kidcircus Says:

      Yes, I have a set of the silicone liners – I can’t remember why I opted to not use them that day…they are the best, so flexible, literally and figuratively! Hope B is better in the morning!

      • Shannon Says:

        Thanks. He’s asleep in my bed right now after I gave him tylenol, so my husband moved to the couch. My girl had swimmer’s ear and a middle ear infection and he’s complaining of similar symptoms but opposite ear. I think we’ll be visiting the doctor again tomorrow, for another round of antibiotics & ear drops. Never fails, they always both have to get sick together. ;o)

  3. Sonoma Bento Says:

    Hi Sarah! I found you on Shannon’s What’s For Lunch Wednesday post. I love the sushi rollups, and it is totally true about foods on sticks being more interesting. Think about county fairs: everything’s on a stick! Nice bento!

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