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Snacky Camper Lunch August 30, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 11:50 pm

My almost 7 year old attended a soccer camp earlier this summer that was sponsored by our local MLS team.  One of the perks he received was the opportunity to attend “Camper Appreciation Day.”  The kids got to watch a team practice, have a Q&A session with the players, have a chance at a few raffle items and most thrilling, stand in line for autographs with the players.  There was lots of waiting and lots of sitting on hard bleachers…and when my kids are bored, they eat.  In an attempt to curtail whining and trips to the concession stands, I packed up a “snacky” lunch in our trusty Lock ‘n Lock boxes.

The Contents – mini bagels with cream cheese and turkey, strawberry, grapes, green apple chunks, carrots, green beans, granola bar, “trail mix” and a mini cupcake

The Details – My kids (and I suspect, hubby) are infamous when it comes to leaving just a couple of crackers or nuts at the bottom of a package.  Today, I mixed these all together for a quick stadium snack.  The mini cupcakes were made of leftover batter and frosting from a larger project – I froze them and can pull them out as needed.  Plus, having them frozen keeps me away from them.

The Verdict – Way too much food. Oddly, the cupcakes remained untouched. And sadly, my almost 7 year old boy informed me that he does not like anything cute in his lunch. Perhaps it’s time to get the sword toothpicks?


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