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Snack Box September 1, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 3:58 pm

Today was one of those rare days when I just had one child.  My older two were off doing their own thing, so I let the little guy choose our outing.  He opted for a swim date, which was perfect, as no one else wanted to go.  Knowing he’d be starving when we got out of the pool, I packed him a little snack.

The Contents – Kiwi and strawberry chunks, cheese-kabobs and a mini banana muffin.

The Details – That little brown speck on the muffin?  I didn’t have enough chocolate chips to mix into the batter, so I put one chip on each muffin.  My kids savor that one single chip, as the “most special bite.”  They sure do crack me up.

The Verdict – After ingesting a Danimal, yogurt tube and granola bar on the way out the door to the pool, I was a little concerned that he wouldn’t eat his snack box.  But, he inhaled it…and I loved that he got a good, healthy snack into him before we  headed to his lunch of choice….McDonalds.  Argh!

Edited to add to What’s For Lunch Wednesday.


One Response to “Snack Box”

  1. Alie Says:

    Ha ha! I love the one chocolate chip! I do that too – I call it “buy in”

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