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Ugly Fun September 1, 2010

Filed under: Crafts — Sarah @ 3:56 pm

While its true that I do spend what my husband considers to be an obscene amount of time making my kids’ lunches, I do do other thing with them as well.  And while this site seems primarily dedicated to food, that’s just because I’m in the process of a site overhaul.

Stepping outside the world of bento lunches, this is what my littlest and I did yesterday.  We visited a local toy store, and in true four year old fashion, there was much requesting of new toys and incessant whining.  I’ve been wanting to attempt my own Ugly Doll creation and so I suggested that we go home and make our own.  Oh how his eyes widened.

Using felt scraps, stuffing and thread we already had at home, my four year old and I designed a body and sketched out a pattern.  He helped me pin the pieces and then I cut and marked.  He helped me stitch all of the facial features and re-pin the body.  I machine stitched most of the body and then had my little guy stuff him.

What a sense of accomplishment.  This was his first sewing project and he stuck with it for much longer than I anticipated.  Overall, the project only took us about 90 minutes, and a significant part of that was me wrestling with my fussy machine.  He loves his new little doll and delights in telling all of us that he made it “all by myself!”

Fun times…now the others are placing their orders.  Of course.


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