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1st Day of School! September 8, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 7:47 am

Today my big kids head off to school!  3rd grade for Bug and 1st for Dude.  Both are chomping at the bit…I wonder how long that will last?

The Contents – Mini bagel with cream cheese and turkey topped with their grade level, carrots, green beans, grapes, pears, a mini banana muffin and chocolate pudding.

The Details – I have been wanting to debut Dude’s new box but the opportunity hasn’t come up until today.  Its a Lock ‘n Lock as well, but came in a nifty little set.  Three tiers:  one long box, a divided container and not shown, a water bottle that stacks underneath it all.  It all came in an insulated cloth box.  I selected this box for two reasons, the first being that he needed larger portion sizes.  I also like it because he uses a lunch box that required most of my boxes to be tipped on their sides, making somewhat of a mess of his lunch.  These are narrow enough to lay flat.  I am also excited that the dividers run all the way to the top of the box, and the lid has grooves so it appears that I should have a completely tight seal between the dividers.  We’ll see how they work. The lids are a little more difficult to deal with because of the grooves, but I am hopeful my first grader can handle it.

The Verdict – We’ll have to see what the kids think, but I’m thinking you can’t really go wrong with chocolate pudding!


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