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Another Fail September 14, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 7:01 am

While some of you have been in school for quite some time now, this is our first week of school, complete with all of our before and after school activities.  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but think it’ll all work out.  That being said, I did not get around to posting yesterday’s lunch.

Which was another big FAIL.

The Contents – teriyaki chicken, broccoli, onigiri, apple bites, cheese booty and vanilla pudding

The Details – Today was my first venture into onigiri.  As it is simply steamed rice with an optional filling, I have always thought that my kids would enjoy these.  Conceptually, they are very easy to make.  I used a cookie sandwich maker for the mold, stuffing it with a bit of warm rice and teriyaki chicken.  Like I said, easy-peasy.  But as I suspected, my rice wasn’t going to work.  The kids reported that the rice was hard by lunch and the ball fell apart when they picked it up.  My research shows that I need to use a shorter grain rice.

That being said, this was a simple lunch:  leftovers from dinner with a bit of fruit.  Even the pudding was leftover from my son’s birthday (dirt) cake.  Somehow, I thought that yellow vanilla pudding would turn dirt brown.  My kids looked at me a bit oddly when I pondered why the cake wasn’t looking quite right 🙂  Luckily for them, my mistake was a win for them.

The Verdict – The kids liked the concept, though they said they’d just prefer to have rice and chicken in their thermoses.  Sometimes I wonder why I try to send cute lunches.

If you’re interested in learning more about onigiri, I thought this link was very helpful.  Its just too bad I don’t follow directions very well (actually, I just wanted to see if my rice would work – now I know).


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