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Leftovers September 15, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 4:28 pm

Leftovers.  I love leftovers.  Especially when there is half a serving.  Because that means I can use the leftovers for lunch.  Like today.  Last night’s dinner was sausage with oven roasted carrots, apple, onions and potatoes.  Yum.  So good that all that was left was about 10 slices of sausage (and some onion but I’m not so mean as to send onion to school with my kids).

The Contents – Whole grain pasta shells with peas and corn, sausage, nectarine bites, grapes, cucumber, carrots, green beans, Calbee snap peas and a mini banana muffin.

The Details – Pasta is such an easy lunch add on.  Throw a half a cup of frozen veggies into your strainer and throw the boiling water over them as you drain your noodles.  If your kids like flavor, mix in a bit of dressing.  I put the extra sausage onto picks, but you could just as easily mix it into the pasta.

Someone asked me what that white stuff is on my muffins.  Ice.  Fancy, huh?  I made a huge batch and froze them awhile back.  They thaw by lunch and no one has complained of them being freezer burnt.

The Verdict – My daughter liked that cold sausage was less spicy.  My son complained that this was not near enough lunch.  But he didn’t eat a snack after school so I have a hard time believing his belly was that empty!


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