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Huh. September 21, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 12:39 pm

Do you ever envision lunches in your head…they’re creative, fun and nutritious?  And then you actually put them together and all you have to say is “Huh.”  Today would be one of those lunches.  Today’s lunch ranks high on the list of “unspectacular.”

The Contents – The last of the ham and cheese muffins, a hard boiled egg, fresh sugar peas, raspberries, orange slices and honeydew, letter cookies and Dots.

The Details – My original thought for this lunch was something around “breakfast for lunch.”  I wanted to use the last of the muffins I made last week and thought an egg would be a nice protein complement.  And I’m happy with the contents of this lunch, I just couldn’t do much with the display.

The Verdict – The kids were super excited to see the Dots.  I’m seeing a two-day trend…if I don’t make it, their enthusiasm level goes off the charts.

Like I said, huh.


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