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Mama Guilt September 23, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 8:35 pm

Got a day behind…yesterday was a bit crazy between working in the co-op (preschool), lessons and a family dinner.  If I’m only a day behind, I’m doing pretty well, right?

So yesterday was the allergy fiasco, right?  And this morning, Dude completely flipped out on me.  I accidentally put a cookie into his box that MAY CONTAIN PEANUTS, which is our threshold.  Chances are, this cookie would have been safe, but this is our line, and he knew I crossed it.  And with tears streaming down his face, he screamed at me, “What are you doing Mom?  Are you trying to kill me?”  Totally bad mommy moment.  We scrubbed his box twice, I washed my hands 20 times, and he still did not trust me.  He wanted to buy hot lunch, refused to let me make his breakfast, screamed some more.  The worst part was, is that he was right.  I, his mom, am supposed to protect him.

By the time we left for school, I was mostly forgiven, so here are the deets:

The Contents – quartered mini pita pockets, hummus, carrots, sugar peas.  Apple bits, raspberries, honeydew, goldfish and a quarter of a Husky Top Pot donut.

The Details – I had bit of carrot leftover and cut flowers for my daughter’s box.  Knowing Dude would never go for a flower, he got Pac Man eating the leftover carrot notches.  Took him a bit to figure out what it was, though my daughter (the non-gamer) got it right away.  The donut?  That was my peace offering.  He’s a huge donut fan and an even bigger Husky fan.

The Verdict – Well…all joking aside, he was alive when he came home and his faith in mom has been restored.

This is today’s lunch.  There’s so nothing special about it that I wouldn’t even post, but I’m so excited about the fruit!  It came from my FREE box of organic and mostly local fruits and veggies.  Yum!  It was sitting on my doorstep at 5:30 this morning and in the kids lunchboxes by 7:00.

The Contents – ham and pita bread sandwiches, banana slices, a mix of random crackers, apples (I forget the variety), pluots and a mini banana muffin.

The Details – Like I said, absolutely nothing special.  I really wanted to do something fun with the fruit, but I think today’s lunch is an example of not having the right boxes.  I just didn’t have the right space to work with.

The Verdict – The kids LOVED the fruit!

*The produce box came from Full Circle Farm.  I bought it from a deal from Mamapedia.  I have not been paid or compensated for either call out but would highly recommend checking both out.


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