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Getting Back on Track September 27, 2010

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Does it ever look like your refrigerator vomited on your counters?  That was my house this morning.  Yesterday was grocery shopping day and I think that I was overwhelmed with my lunch making options, and then my seven year old decided to wake up at 6:00 and make himself breakfast…well you get the picture.

The Contents – In the open box, Dude had Nabisco’s Flatbread Crackers, booty, cheese stars, yogurt covered raisins and two Trader Joe Letter cookies.  And no, there is no significance to the letter and number he got.  My husband has eaten thru the tub and left random crumbs. We’re to the bottom of the bucket.

In the divided container, Dude has a scoop of tuna salad (in a mini silicone muffin cup), garbanzo beans, runt carrots from our garden, nectarines, grapes, apple slices and carrot sticks.

The Details – My kids love, love tuna.  Its hard to send in sandwiches though, so I typically send rice cakes or crackers and they spread it themselves.  I used canola mayo, so being just on an ice pack should have been fine (right?).

The Verdict – Dude licked his boxes clean and was still starving when he got home.  My daughter, who had a similar lunch (but with her carrots and booty sent for her midday snack instead) didn’t finish her beans or runty carrots but is eating them as I type…Good stuff, good stuff.

ETA:  Ack!  I’m late in joining, but go check out some more fun lunches here!


One Response to “Getting Back on Track”

  1. Lunches that come home licked clean are good. Mine do that some days but others I could send the same meal and they would bring half home. Who knows?!

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