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Pizza, Pizza September 29, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 7:36 am

(My head is about to spin off.  My 4.5 and 7 year old boys are teaching my almost 9 year old daughter to play Star Wars.  Do you think they could take one of those light sabers and lop my ears off?  I had no idea so much screeching was involved.)

My husband thinks I’m crazy.  He went into work late today and observed that I spent 40 minutes making lunch.  Did he not notice that I made three lunches (which involved turning on the oven), three multi-course breakfasts, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, hand washed all of last night’s dinner pans since he no one else washed them and answered a few texts and emails?  Seriously.  Men and women really shouldn’t comment on each other’s efficiency.  I’m pretty certain he could make lunches faster, but his ability to multi-task?  Not so high.

Anyhow, today’s lunch (which involved turning on the oven):

The Contents – pears, nectarines, strawberries, snap peas, English Muffin pizzas and Chex Mix.

The Details – I had visions of trying out some version of a pizza muffin, but my plate is overflowing this week and “new recipes” aren’t making the priority list.  So instead, my kids got English Muffin pizzas.  Each got 1 1/2 circles, cut in half and stacked.  Not sure how the grease factor went, but no one complained.  Took longer to preheat the oven than anything 🙂

The Verdict – Lunchboxes licked clean.  Always a good sign.


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