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Happy Birthday Lunch, Or Not September 30, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 9:14 pm

Yesterday was my daughter’s 9th birthday and I had visions of doing all sorts of cute, but I was running late and had to pack a HUGE lunch for both my kids and practicality won out.  The birthday girl had jump rope before and after school, plus soccer, and while Dude only had jump rope after school, he is my big eater 🙂

The Contents – chicken noodle soup in the thermos, fruit salad, crackers and cheese, snap peas, a mini cupcake and pretzels.

The Details – While soup isn’t all that hard to make, for lunches I often just heat up a can and add a whole bunch of stuff.  Today I added whole wheat noodles, more chopped chicken breast, corn and garbanzo beans.  The intent was to add protein and this was a quick way to do it.

The Verdict – Amazingly, my son’s entire lunch was eaten, at lunchtime!  Which was good since he had an hour of jump rope immediately after school and he fared well.  My daughter left her crackers behind as they’d gotten soggy.  The peas, I’d guess?

The best I could do to celebrate being 9, was to send 9 little friends in her lunchbox.  Pretty pathetic, eh?


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