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Another Dippy Kind of Lunch October 4, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 5:49 pm

My kids have been bugging me try these new Wheat Thins Stix.  Seemed like the perfect addition to our dippable lunches.

The Contents – Top Box:  Wheat Thins Stix, of course, hummus topped with a raisin and fruit leather face, Oreos and the rest of the fruit leather.  Lower Box:  half an apple, carrot sticks, snap peas and a couple of grapes on picks.

The Details – Nothing fancy, though I am a bit concerned that this won’t be enough lunch for Dude.  He can eat this as an afternoon snack, so we’ll see.

My daughter got the same box but with soy nut butter as her protein source.  Different layout, since she has a different box.  She also got strawberries.

I suspect she’ll actually come home with food.

The Verdict –Surprisingly, both came home with leftovers, but finished it all up in the car ride home.  They both really liked their lunches, so I guess this is a keeper.  Dude did wonder why he had raisins “all over his lunch box” so apparently, his face slid around quite a bit.  The divided containers are sealed at the top, so I’m not sure what happened…you never know with boys!

Edited to add to What’s For Lunch Wednesday.  Go check out more creative lunches!


One Response to “Another Dippy Kind of Lunch”

  1. We love lunches with dips, it’s just so much fun 🙂 Cute faces! Happy WFLW!

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