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Asian Affair October 5, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 6:22 pm

Yum.  This lunch looked so good that I wanted to gobble it up before it made it into the boxes!  Today, Dude had after-school tryouts for his school jump rope team.  I didn’t want him jumping on a full and nervous tummy, but he’s normally starving after school so I knew I’d need to pack a good, solid lunch.

The Contents – Pasta “salad” and fruit salad.

The Details – The salad was quite easy to make:  I marinated tofu cubes in sesame oil while whole wheat spaghetti noodles were cooking.  Once the noodles were done, I poured boiling water over about 1/2 a cup of peas and then tossed the peas, tofu and sesame oil over the noodles.  I also chopped up Chinese BBQ pork and threw that in for more flavor and protein.  It’d be easy to add other chopped up veggies, but that would mean I’d have to actually go grocery shopping this week.  And for some reason, I am way behind on that chore.

The Verdict – My daughter picked out all of the tofu and meat and ate her fruit.  Low carbs is reasonably standard for her, so not a huge surprise.  Dude licked his box clean and made it until 5:00 with only a slice of apple for a snack.  So it must have filled his belly quite well.  He was starving when he got done with tryouts, but he wasn’t in that crabby-disaster state that he can get into if he gets too hungry!  All of my kids really liked the salad…you may see a repeat this week since I have all of the ingredients handy!


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