My Three Kid Circus

This may be as crazy as it gets… but we're lovin' it!

Leftovers October 7, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 9:42 pm

Today’s lunch irritates me.  Its full of yummy goodness, the kids gobbled it up, yet the presentation leaves so much to be desired.

The Contents – leftover teriyaki chicken, leftover green beans, leftover whole wheat pasta…I also added a bit of frozen corn for color, apple slices and carrots sticks and pub mix.

The Details – Like I said, easy.  But so boring.  And truth be told, I was a bit uninspired.  Thursday is a go-go-go all day long, right from the minute we wake up.

The Verdict – The kids loved it, which always gives a lunch bonus points.  But honestly, the biggest win was that  I emptied three leftover containers out of the fridge.  That must count for something, no?


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