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Monkey In The Middle October 11, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 10:30 am

Do your kids play “Monkey in the Middle”?   It’s basically “Keep Away” renamed, but still seemingly great fun for all of those involved.  Personally, I hated this game as a child, but I guess being coined a “monkey” makes everything better.

The Contents – Soy nut butter and banana pita pockets, apple chunks, cantaloupe, goldfish and a few candy corn.

The Details – See the monkey pick?  In the middle of the box?  Get it?  I crack myself up. Just kidding.  I know its a stretch, but I have a monkey pick and banana sandwiches and this was the best title I could come up with.

This was my daughter’s box. The boys got turkey pitas, and one got a cat pick and the other a giraffe pick.

The Verdict – I love that my youngest tries to make something out of every box. Despite the fact that I just tossed 4 candy corn on top if his goldfish, I received high complements on my “face.”  He has a way with words and today, he told me I made such a beautiful lunch with a nice, happy face.  “But what kind of face is it, mom?”


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