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Conquering Hot Lunch – SUCCESS! October 14, 2010

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Today, you get two lunches for the price of one.  Aren’t you lucky?  Actually, the app I use to upload pics directly from my phone to WP is being all wonky.  Perhaps you *are* lucky as this means the extra step I now need to take makes me want to update less…as in, yes, I am a day behind.

Anyhow, first off, yesterday’s lunch.  Call it an International Affair.  Pizza and tofu.  In the same lunch, yes.

The Contents – pizza rolls, tofu cubes, apple chunks, strawberries grapes and a mini orange.

The Details – Isn’t my little pumpkin cute?  Lovingly hand carved…elicited smiles from my grumpy 9 year old daughter.  Did she eat it?  No.  Because it would take too long to peel.  Okay…

And the tofu?  Yes, my kids are weird.  They like plain tofu.  Seriously, I steamed this in a bit of water and they ate it plain.  I sent some dipping sauce but both of them said they preferred it plain.  You know, as a side dish to their pepperoni pizza rolls.

The Verdict – Lunch eaten and aside from the pumpkin orange, boxes were licked clean.  I think my son said it wasn’t enough lunch, but that was  yesterday and I can’t remember.  See what happens when I get a day behind?

Next Up…

I conquered the lunch lady.  YES!  My kids love Wacky Waffles.  They only buy hot lunch once in a great while, but it is most often Wacky Waffles and Hustlin’ Ham that they’ll choose.  Because “Sharon makes THE BEST waffles.  They are so much better than anything we’ve ever eaten.”

Until today.

The Contents – fruit salad, ham, waffles and pumpkin cookies.  Not pictured is a small container of syrup.

The Details – Confession Time:  My kids had waffles for breakfast.  There’s was no more milk and cereal.  For real.  So I got up early and made them waffles and then decided they should have them for lunch too.

Each kiddo got about 1 1/2 squares of a large waffle and a slice of ham.  Two of the best pumpkin cookies ever.  An easy lunch, but oh so delicious…

The Verdict – These are the moments.  Picture this:  my son, who generally does not display much emotion came running up to me after school, “Mom!  Guess what?!?  Those waffles were soooo good!  They were waaaaay better than Sharon’s!”

YES!  Sorry Sharon, I love you and all that you do to keep provide our kids a healthy meal.  But apparently, I got you on this one 🙂


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