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Debut of the New Boxes…and This Lunch Is Brought To You By the Letter P October 21, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 10:03 am

And here they are!  My new boxes.  Simple but sometimes a girl needs something new to inspire her.  I like the divider so I can have a “wet” side and and a “dry” side but love the bigger open space.

This is yesterday’s lunch…Lunch Brought To You By the Letter P.

The Contents – On the “wet” side:  Pumpkin cheese, Pear, Pineapple on Panda and Penguin Picks, Peas and Pumpkin cookies.  On the “dry” side:  Calabee Peas underneath Pumpkin sammy.

The Details – the sandwich is turkey – for color variation, I cut the pumpkin, popped it out and reversed it.  And these are the pumpkin cookies I made a few weeks back and stuck in the freezer.

The Verdict – The kids loved these boxes.  They can’t articulate why, but they said they even liked them better than our Lock ‘n Locks.  Maybe kids just need to mix things up every once in awhile too.  I suspect the lid is easier to manage as well since it just snaps on like Tupperware.   I was a little concerned that everything would be a jumbled mess since the containers have to be tipped in order to fit into their lunch boxes, but both kids reported that everything pretty much stayed in place.  And me, I was happy that everyone ate their sandwiches.  My kids aren’t big fans of them, but they sure are easy to make.


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