My Three Kid Circus

This may be as crazy as it gets… but we're lovin' it!

Sharing Lunches October 26, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 7:21 pm

On Monday, I brought lunch over to a friend and her son, as she had been kind enough to watch Little Man for me most of the morning.  And besides, what’s better than getting to spend an extra hour over lunch with a good friend, even if its shared with noisy four year old boys?  But what struck me most about this particular lunch is how much I’ve tailored my boxes for my kids.  Even when I consider each of their own requests, most of the guess work is gone.  Today, despite knowing this little friend very well, I wasn’t sure what he’d eat or if he’d eat foods in different formats.  And because the boys were headed off to preschool, I certainly didn’t want them going hungry!

The Contents – wheat thin Stix, ghost cheese sticks, oreos, carrot sticks, peas, watermelon and chicken and grape kabobs.

The Details – Nothing truly fancy, but I wasn’t sure that our friend would eat the chicken and grapes skewers so I wanted to throw in an extra protein source.  Plus, the chicken didn’t really amount to more than two bites and I wanted my daughter to have more protein…and I have learned that cheese sticks in the form of ghosts are much, much more edible.

The Verdict – The other thing that made me laugh is that this was WAAAY to much food for either little boy.  I forgot to tell my friend that if she put the box out for my son in the morning, he’d graze over the next three hours until it was all gone by lunch.  So neither little guy finished, but both kept them for snacks after school.  My daughter came home with hers empty, and Dude, who had opted for hot lunch that day, would have inhaled his and asked for more food.  Isn’t it funny how each kid is different?


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