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Taste a Rainbow October 26, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 7:00 pm

I am so, so behind in posting.  Not being able to upload pics from my phone is really cramping my style.  But you are probably tired of hearing me whine about it, so I promise that today is the last time.  Really.  But if you know anyone who can develop an app that talks to Word Press in a more reliable manner…

On to the more important stuff.  I am enjoying my new box, can you tell?  Friday’s lunch was about colors:

The Contents – Red apple slices, Orange carrot sticks, Yellow pear, Green sugar peas, Blueberry mini muffin (with a blue kitty pick) and a Purple witch brooms on top of a mini pita turkey sandwich.  To complete the rainbow effect, I added a popcorn “cloud” beneath the sammy.

The Details – One of the things I like best about bento boxes is that its easy to see how much color (or lack of color) my kids are getting in their diet.  When the lunch is monochromatic, its just not as pretty.  I find I have a really hard time coming up with the blues and purples, but I also find that my kids tend to get an extra serving of green once I started doing their boxes.

The Verdict – My kids loved the popcorn treat and witches brooms…Friday was a half day, so much of this lunch came home, but they snacked on it through the afternoon so all was good.  I’m finding that this box is a bit big for my smaller eaters, but it means I get to make a smaller afternoon snack as they’ll bring them home and graze!

Linked up to What’s For Lunch…check out the last minute Halloween inspiration!


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