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Countdown to Halloween October 27, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 9:14 pm

Just a few more days for Halloween-inspired lunches!  My son was peering over my shoulder this morning as I was checking out all of the creative lunches over on What’s For Lunch and he commented that the “other moms” packed much better lunches than I did.  When I replied that he specifically requested “no cute lunches,” he backed off, but said the other moms were way more creative.  I’ll give him that.  He did like this lunch in particular, however, so I think I may try the Frankenrice tomorrow.

The Contents – carrot sticks, sugar peas, apple bites, Cheese Crunchies, a mini pumpkin muffin and a bean and cheese taco.

The Details – My favorite part of this lunch is that the muffins were given to me by a friend.  They were so yummy and it was nice to provide an extra special treat for my kiddos!  My second favorite part of this lunch was the little bit of Halloween provided by gals over at eighteen25 – free printables, this time in the form of Halloween jokes.  My kids enjoyed the jokes and it was an easy way to make their lunch a bit more festive.

The Verdict – Lunches inhaled today…we’ll see what tomorrow brings!


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