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Back to the Basics November 5, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 10:57 am

After several attempts to do creative Halloween lunches, we are back to visiting the basics this week.  My original box (the lock and lock), chocolate chip cookies and one of my kids’ favorite lunches.

The Contents – carrot sticks, hummus, pita triangles, chocolate chip cookies and fruit salad.

The Details – Nothing fancy about this lunch.  Definitely having a “cleaning out the fridge” week (though my friend commented that I need to get some food in the fridge last night)!

Even though making fruit salad take a little more time to make than just throwing an apple into their lunch boxes, I love that it allows me to 1) get a bigger variety of fruit into their diets and 2) allows me to “customize” their lunch a bit.  My middle son really doesn’t like the little oranges, but being the sneaky mom I am, I always throw a slice or two into his lunch.  His sister, who loves them, gets the rest.  Simple way to have no waste (because he’ll eat one or two slices) and give everyone what they like best.

The Verdict – My kids were full of praise for this lunch.  What more can a mom want?  It kind of cracks me up that 4/5 days, one of the first things out of their mouths at the end of the school day are their lunch “critiques.”


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