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Last Call for Halloween November 5, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 10:56 am

This was Monday’s lunch and we had to use up the last bit of  Halloween goodness.  What?!?  No Halloween candy, you say?  There is a local orthodontist in this neck of the woods that will buy the kids’ candy for $1lb, plus match that amount to the local food bank, plus send all of the collected candy overseas to the troops.  My kids have done this the last couple of years and it works out nicely for everyone.   This year, my kids cashed in 13 pounds of candy between the three of them…eek!

The Contents – a mix of fruit…black grapes, apple slices and baby orange slices; carrots; half a tuna sandwich and pretzels.

The Details – If you don’t know this trick already, I find a slice of cheese under the tuna salad works well for trapping the moisture to avoid soggy bread.  Which is just gross.

The Verdict – My big kids are now jump roping after school twice a week – for some reason, neither of them are eating big lunches these days and neither of them are eating a snack before jump rope.  They have the opportunity, I guess they’re just too excited to get jumping?  Needless to say they are RAVENOUS when I pick them up.  I love that they’ll open up their leftovers and finish off their lunch…it eliminates the total hunger meltdown and allows me to get in the door without being attacked.


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