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Run, run, fast as you can! November 15, 2010

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 11:43 pm

Okay, this is bad.  This is really bad.  See that “thing” over there?  My 7 year old asked me if it was a gingerbread man this morning.  I’m not sure what I should be most concerned about:  his lack of visual imagination or my lack of skill.  It’s a TURKEY, for crying out loud.

Granted, this past weekend was jam packed and I had no food in the house.  I had to deal.  And I saw this post this morning and was very much inspired.  Sometimes I should leave good enough alone, no?

For the record, I will be reattempting the turkey sandwiches.

The Contents – Pear, grapes and a brownie bite.  A turkey in the field.

The Details – So, the broccoli is supposed to be trees and underneath the sandwich are Calabee peas, which is supposed to be a grassy field.  The sandwich is a pita stuffed with turkey or soynut butter and bananas topped with pea eyes, a cheese beak and a half a grape gobble (that was my daughter’s idea – I’m so proud).  The feathers are made of carrots and pear slices.

The Verdict – Obviously, the proportions were wrong.  Very wrong.  But, you know, the kids ate their lunch and they liked it.  Despite the fact that my son had everything wrong about this lunch, his belly was full.  And my daughter, who got the soynut butter and banana sandwich found great delight in telling me that she “did not have a turkey sandwich.” 3rd grade humor at its best.

To prove that I can poke fun at myself, I am even posting this abysmal failure over on What’s For Lunch.  Hopefully I can bring a smile to a someone’s face.


3 Responses to “Run, run, fast as you can!”

  1. I saw those turkey sandwiches just yesterday! Maybe if your turkey had a smaller head under the facial features and the rest could be the body? So a smaller circle cut from a pita, glued on with more soybutter… maybe a little oozing out the sides for contrast.
    Actually, with those ‘trees’ it kinds looks like the boss from the Dilbert comic…

  2. mangochild Says:

    Eating the lunch, always a victory! And also for the record – I have no decorative skills! I agree with Ludicrous Mama though, maybe the two circle approach would help?

  3. I’m glad you posted on What’s for Lunch Wednesday. I could tell it was a turkey that’s why I clicked on it. I like it because a lot of my lunches don’t turn out like I planned but when an empty box comes home I realize it didn’t really matter.

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