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Hot Diggity Dog! January 28, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 7:27 am

I’m back!  Or I’m going to try to be back.  Its interesting to see that my site is somehow still getting minimal traffic each day.  Without further ado, today’s lunch:

The Contents – red grapes, snap peas, carrot sticks, granny smith apple bites, tofu and hot dog skewers, banana bread and York pieces.

The Details – Yes, I put hot dogs – the kind that are filled with preservatives – on the same skewer as tofu.  What can I say, its Friday and I’m cleaning out the fridge.  In my defense, the second skewer is all tofu 🙂  My kids are on a sandwich strike too, so despite the fact that I pack them, its very hit or miss as to whether or not they get eaten.  My big kids also have a performance today – they are on the performing jump rope team at their school – and so I need to guarantee that they eat a good lunch.

I have to brag about my big kids for a moment too – not only are they performing today, but they have also both qualified to jump in the double under competition during the show.  A double under means that the jump rope goes under your feet twice for every jump.  The number to qualify this year is very high, 70 continuous jumps.  But guess what?  Both my kids made the cut this week!  They’re performing at their home school, so they are very excited!  Both of them have been working hard to qualify.  Yesterday, they had a practice run though and my first grade son won – even against the 5th graders!  Way to go Dude and Bug!


The Verdict – Hah!  I’m up so early that my kids haven’t even eaten breakfast.  Speaking of, though, I better publish and go take care of that.  Wish my kids luck today!


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