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Moving on to February February 1, 2011

Filed under: Bento,Recipe — Sarah @ 9:58 am

Can you believe it’s February already?  I need to start thinking about what sweet lunches I can put together 🙂

The Contents – half an apple, snap peas, carrot sticks, cucumber slices for my girl, pita chips and pumpkin cookies.  Not shown:  a side of hummus.

The Details – Yes, pumpkin cookies.  I made these cookies way back in October and they’re still in the freezer.  These cookies froze really well and the kids say they thaw perfectly for lunch.   And did you notice this is a new box?  Since we last met, I found another new box and while I have to admit, I’m not wild about it, it works well for a lunch like today’s.  This box contains two small insertable containers, plus a third insert that would typically lay where I have the fruits and veggies.  I like it because I can do fruit slices, versus chunks, and it fits half sandwiches nicely, but for some reason, its just difficult to work with.  The kids, however, really like them.  The lid is similar to a Lock ‘n Lock lid and seals as nicely.

The Verdict – Once again, I’m posting before lunch.  Two times in a row.  It might become a habit 🙂

Linked to What’s For Lunch?


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