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Post Super Bowl Sunday Lunch February 7, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 11:29 pm

We’ve traditionally spent Super Bowl Sunday with a couple other families and yesterday was no exception.  Our main contribution was teriyaki meatballs, which made for great leftovers!

The Contents – grapefruit, apple slices, teriyaki meatballs, flipside crackers, a fortune cookie and jelly beans.

The Details – My kids love meatballs.  Which I think is strange, because they really don’t like meatloaf, hamburgers or chunks of meat in spaghetti sauce.  And my husband much prefers homemade meatballs, so every once in awhile, I’ll spend an afternoon making meatballs.  These are simmered in a shoyu sauce – though my kids just call it teriyaki.  Anyhow, leftover meatballs make a good lunch option.  My kids asked me to buy these “flipside” crackers – I guess they’ve had them at school or on playdates.  I personally thought they were nasty – pretzels on one side and cheese crackers on the other.  But they ate them…Two of my kids like grapefruit.  Is that weird?  I think its yummy too, but does grapefruit in the lunchbox put them into the category of “weird”?

The Verdict – I accidentally switched my kids boxes around- the primary difference is that one kid got grapefruit and the other got an orange – but the big mix up is that MY GIRL GOT THE SWORD PICK!  Gasp!   Horrors!  Apparently it was so embarrassing, that she had to snap the handle of the pick before eating her lunch.  I suppose that is better than my son snapping the head off the giraffe pick that was in his lunch.


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