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When Mom Volunteers, We All Benefit February 9, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 7:21 pm

Another lunch using up leftovers, some of these from last week’s Lunar New Year, some from last night’s dinner and a bonus from this mom’s volunteer efforts.

The Contents – Potstickers, tofu, broccoli, apple bites, strawberries, a chocolate kiss and wine cake.

The Details – The bulk of this lunch was done up from leftovers – I did boil up new potstickers (I often have a package of frozen potstickers in my freezer).  We had just a few bites of broccoli left from dinner and it fit nicely into the box.  And today, I had to send in a platter of desserts for Staff Appreciation at the elementary school so my kids’ lunches benefited.

Do you like that my contribution was a platter of Kahlua Cake and Wine Cake?  It seems like anyone that deals with my kids on a daily basis might need a lunchtime reprieve, eh?

(I’m totally kidding here people.)

The Verdict – Lunch boxes almost licked clean.  Broccoli left in one box and tofu in the other, lol!

For other fun lunch ideas, click over to What’s For Lunch Wednesday.  I particularly love heading over there right before the holidays so that I can start putting together ideas for fun themed lunches.


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