My Three Kid Circus

This may be as crazy as it gets… but we're lovin' it!

TGIF February 11, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 9:52 pm

TGIF – My refrig is empty!

The Contents – Zucchini Pie Muffins, leftover meatballs and fruit salad.

The Details – Aside from the fruit (kiwi, grapefruit and apples) my refrigerator is looking pretty pathetic.  Thank goodness for frozen muffins…I didn’t sent any treats in the kids’ lunchboxes today as it was popcorn day and my daughter’s class celebrated Valentine’s Day early – PARTY!

The Verdict – I have to admit, it’s almost 10:00 on Friday night and I have yet to empty out the lunch mess.  I’ve been feeling kind of icky all day – fingers crossed that I don’t have the awful bug that’s been running rampant in these parts!


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