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Love Lunch February 14, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 12:47 pm

So I first have to admit that I nearly panicked this morning when I realized that I didn’t have the right heart shaped cookie cutter.  This one *barely* fits the bread as is.  I had lots of other cute plans, but apparently, in my 9 1/2 years of parenting, I have not acquired a small heart shaped cutter.  Penguins, check.  Dinosaurs, check.  Bunnies, cats, bears, snowmen, acorns?  Check, check, check, check, check.  Hearts?   FAIL.

The Contents – carrots, jello with strawberry chunks, grapes, apple slices, strawberries and a heart shaped salami, turkey and provolone sandwich.

The Details – I was a little nervous about the jello melting, but I ran into my son at lunch time and it looks like it held.  I used a small box of jello and made (6) individual servings straight into the inserts of my lock ‘n lock boxes.  I did cover the  inserts with saran wrap, just in case.

This is my daughter’s lunch, but to make my son’s lunch a bit more manly, I used a sword tooth pick to decorate and hold his sandwich together.  I was going to add some note about him not breaking my heart, but figured I’d already risked mortifying him enough by giving him a heart shaped sandwich.

The Verdict – Hoping they enjoy their lunches…loves to my loves!


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