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“But Doesn’t It Take A Long Time?” February 21, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 9:24 pm

One of the questions people ask me about my kids’ lunches, is how long it takes?  And the answer is, “Not any longer than it’d take to make a regular lunch.”  Maybe even less.  Really.  Because I don’t have unzip and rezip any baggies 🙂

Today’s lunch took five minutes.  Most mornings it takes longer because I get interrupted a “pillion” times (in the language of my five year old).  But today, my daughter got invited to the zoo (a different one than yesterday’s trek) and was told that she’d be picked up in 15 minutes.  Eek!

The Contents – snap peas, apple, chips, 2 kisses and a pastrami and swiss sandwich.

The Details – Yes, pretty much a repeat of yesterday’s lunch.  But what I wanted to point out here is the availability of quickly available food.  Like snap peas.  I often have carrots or celery already cut.  Same thing with a melon – its easy to cut one and then have it available for a few days.  It takes a bit of prep time, but there is payoff in the morning.  And things like cutting up the apples?  Well, practice makes perfect.  I can get that apple cut pretty darn fast now.

I’m also learning that my kids will eat “leftover” fruit if its not bitten into…so in addition to them eating more if its cut into bite size pieces and being able to fit more into their boxes this way, instead of proclaiming an apple slice “gross” because it has a bit taken out it, I find that they often gobble up any extra bits as after school snacks.

Hope you all had a happy (President’s) Day off of school 🙂


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