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Love In My Lunches February 26, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 12:03 am

I love to search the ‘net looking at people’s lunches.  There are all sorts of crazy-creative people out there.  I don’t even try to be like them.  I know “they” say it’s not that hard, but many of them make my head spin!

My friend had a different perspective on my lunches:  she commented that there is love in my lunches.  By that, she meant that, as parents, we all show our kids love in different ways:  hugs and kisses, crafting, playing, baking, digging in the mud, helping them with their various needs.  I never thought of that way, but I suppose she is right.  Most mornings, I don’t mind making their lunches.  It’s time that we all spend together, my kids eating breakfast and chatting with me about their upcoming day while I stand at the counter chopping and packing.  We figure out how we’re going to “attack” our morning, who needs to do what and who needs extra help to accomplish their “morning goals,” as my kids have coined their responsibilities towards getting ready for school.  And most mornings, they enjoy packing part of their box, whether it be as simple as figuring out where to lay their treat or as complicated as spearing fruit (remember, we are on a schedule here!).

So, for those of you who have picked up frustration with myself this week over my seemingly boring lunches, I apologize.  It’s easy to lose perspective as to what’s really important…in this case, I needed to remember that there is always a common ingredient in my kids’ lunches:  love.  And that is the most important thing, no?  So, without further ado:

The Contents – apple and chicken sausage, apples, grapes, orange slices, crackers, a piece of candy and of course, LOVE

The Details – My kids love sausage, so they were excited to see today’s lunch.  It was very quick to slice and saute the sausage while I was portioning off the fruit.  After re-threading the sausage onto a skewer, I rolled it onto paper towel to cut down the grease.

The Verdict – Apparently this week’s produce wasn’t very fresh as it was not well received by my kiddos.  Many complaints about its mushy texture…is it almost spring, please?


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