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Cold Lunch March 4, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 9:51 am

First off, Wednesday’s frozen yogurt pops were a bust.  Not only did they melt, but the kids didn’t like them.  They did like them frozen, but apparently layer, unfrozen yogurt is not good.  Whatever.

Second, do your kids like cold “hot lunches”?  Here are two lunches I think are odd.  I’d like the “main dish” hot, but cold?  Not so much.

The lunch on the left (aka, yesterday’s lunch):

The Contents – cantaloupe, a container of applesauce with cinnamon, cheese quesadillas, ‘nilla wafers and a chocolate kiss.

The Details – My kids really like cold quesadillas.  Even when we’re at home.  They let them cool to a disgustingly cool temp where the cheese starts turning greasy and rubbery.  Ick.  But it does lend itself to a good lunchbox option, so who am I to complain?

The Verdict – Since when do my kids not eat applesauce?  Both of them brought their applesauce home untouched.

Today’s lunch…

The Contents – pasta salad, apples and thin mints.

The Details – Pasta salad is a fun and easy option.  Today’s salad contains rotini noodles, leftover char sui and edamame.  Most mornings, I boil the noodles and then toss them together with frozen veggies and whatever meat I’m using.  My kids actually prefer plain noodles to those with some sort of dressing, but it’d be easy to add if that’s what your kids prefer.  Good way to get rid of that one last serving of meat and for my kids, an easy way to add another serving of veggies.  If your kids prefer warm noodles, toss this into a thermos instead.

The Verdict – I’m pretty sure this one will get eaten.  I don’t do pasta near as often as I should and they were pretty excited about today’s lunch!


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