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Another Two For the Price of One March 16, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 10:29 pm

Oops!  Missed sharing yesterday’s lunch, in which I tried a “new and improved” larger lunch for my hungry seven year old.

The Contents – Half a turkey sandwich on honey and oat bread, about 1/3 of a leftover Tofurkey sausage, a donut hole, a Lemon Chalet Creme cookie, half a banana, 1/3 apple, edamame and half a carrot.

The Details – Yeah, this seems like a lot of food to me too.

The Verdict – It was ALL gone, except a bite of the sausage, which he too, has now given the thumbs down.  Really?


And today’s lunch.  My friend was watching my youngest today so I could help chaperon my first grader’s field trip.  I offered to bring lunches for the kids – was there anything her daughter didn’t like?  Sandwiches and “cold” cheese.  So after some thought (because I am REALLY tired this week, this time change is kicking my booty), I came up with this lunch, thinking it was still kid-friendly.

The Contents – apple bites, pear bites, potsickers and mini oreos.

The Details – Today, I pan fried the potstickers – for my kids I typically just boil them as its easier since you don’t have to watch them, but I know not everyone likes them that way.

The Verdict – I asked my youngest if his friend liked her lunch.

Him:  Yeah, she liked all of it but the food.

Me:  What?  She didn’t like the food?

Him:  Nope.

Me:  So did her mommy make her her own lunch?

Him:  No, she just ate the potstickers.

My Other Son:  MOM!  She didn’t like the FRUIT!  Can’t you understand anything?

Me:  Oh, gotcha!

Him:  Yeah, she didn’t even like the cookies!  Isn’t her weird?  But her mom ate the fruit AND the cookies!

LOL, T!  You got ratted out by the five year old.  Hope you enjoyed your fruit and cookies!  Thanks for watching my little man!


One Response to “Another Two For the Price of One”

  1. Kim Says:

    Too funny about the mom finishing the lunch!

    I’m amazed your 7 yr old has TIME to eat all that. Mine had a PB&J, a small container of cut strawberries, a small brownie, and water earlier this week. He left the brownie. I think my kids would rather talk thru most of their lunch than eat. 🙂

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