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Fighting Off the Winter Blahs April 11, 2011

Filed under: 3 Day,Birthday Parties — Sarah @ 10:51 pm

Well, we are back from Spring Break…which implies that it must be spring, right?  Like the rest of the nation, however, we are experience rather odd weather patterns, including snow showers, hail storms and incessant rain last week.  This week promises to be another week of cold, damp weather.  And so, in and effort to fight off the winter blahs that seem determined to get us all, I present this colorful lunch.

The Contents – carrot sticks (and cucumber for the girl), apple bites (strawberries for the girl), ham slices on winter-blah fighting swords, a small slice of pizza and a very colorful cupcake.

The Details – Pizza fit perfectly and it was a good way to get rid of one last slice of pizza.  Each of my two older kids got half and they proclaimed it to be quite excellent.  Despite the fact that they had pizza for dinner on Friday and Saturday and leftover pizza for lunch on Sunday.  Yuck.  And isn’t that cupcake a darling burst of color?  My friend made the cutest cupcakes for her daughter’s Mario birthday party.  These cupcakes had the Mario picks removed, but each cupcake sported a different Mario character pick that she made out of a scalloped punch and stickers.  It was all done in primary colors and super fun for boys and girls alike.

The Verdict – Cupcakes and pizza.  You can’t go wrong!


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