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When the Refrigerator is Bare… April 12, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 9:37 pm

Seriously.  There is no food in my refrig.  I typically plan my meals for the week on Sunday and shop the same day.  In an effort to keep the grocery budget in line, I aim to do one shop per week.  But this week, one of the grocery stores had a bunch of meat on sale and I ended up there on Saturday.  Despite the fact that I only purchased meat, milk and few pounds of apples, I somehow thought that I could skip my Sunday shop.  Big mistake.  Here is is Tuesday and I am scrounging for food.

The Contents – pretzels, booty, cantaloupe, apples, thin mints and turkey rolls.

The Verdict – I have exactly three people in my household who have the horrible habit of leaving a handful of pretzels, crackers or cereal in the pantry.  That’s why my kids got about 6 pretzel sticks and 7 booty puffs each.  Better than being wasteful?  I don’t know…they ate it.

The turkey rolls are cream cheese and turkey in a tortilla (because I’m out of bread).  I tried to convince my kids that they would be most excellent with cranberry sauce but no one would believe me.  I don’t make these often because my kids don’t really like them, but today, it was this, or hot lunch.

The Verdict – Apparently my kids don’t like cantaloupe anymore, or so I was informed after school.  And my son, who typically eats anything at lunch scoffed at the turkey rolls.  And my daughter who complained incessantly before school about them, ate all of hers.  Go figure.

So, question for you faithful readers…and I am hoping some of you will chime in.  Perhaps you have already seen this article.  I am going to make the wild assumption that most of you are lunch packers.  Therefore, what do you think of this homemade lunch ban that is being imposed in a Chicago public school?  Why do you pack lunches?  And what would you do if your school district imposed a ban like this?


2 Responses to “When the Refrigerator is Bare…”

  1. Kim Says:

    I saw the article and thought of you— meals could NOT be healthier than yours!

    I send lunch when they won’t eat the hot meal or yogurt choice. Since I send a refillable bottle of water, the homemade lunch is less expensive. However, I have hopes that the school lunch has more nutritional variety than my soy nut butter and jelly on whole grain bread and possibly some fruit or carrots.

  2. LaRee Says:

    We homeschool so it’s a non-issue, but we’re also vegetarian, so it’s a given that if they were in public school, we’d pack lunch. This strikes me as a good intention gone VERY wrong! I have no doubt whatsoever that the school lunches are healthier than some of the packed lunches, HOWEVER, while I haven’t seen a menu for this school, I’m pretty sure that they are less nutritions (by MY definition of nutrition, which differs from the government’s in several ways) than what I feed my kids or what I would pack them for lunch. “Some whole grains” is very different from the whole wheat bread that I (actually my daughters) make. One thing that was mentioned was all low-fat dressings. Most low-fat dressings replace the fat with sugar, which is NOT healthier, especially considering that healthy, natural fats are very NECESSARY for growing brains! . . . I’m sure that the school budget doesn’t allow for organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products or meat. And while we don’t use all organic fruits & vegetables, I am aware of which ones have higher pesticide levels and purchase organic for those items. Dairy & meat (if we ate it) especially I feel organic (or the equivalent from a local farm . . . some small farms can’t afford to jump through the hoops to be “organic” ) is vital. . . I think it’s great that some schools are getting rid of the on-campus soda machines & replacing the french fries with real vegetables in their hot lunches, those are very positive steps, but a rule that results in SOME children being forced to eat LESS nutritiously is not the answer! (I’m reminded of when I was in college &, as a dorm student, I was required to spend at least a certain amount in the cafeteria/snack bar each month. I complained about it to someone in the accounting office one time & was told it was “to make sure you’re eating healthfully” I pointed out that since I typically didn’t reach my minimum with the meals I ate in the cafeteria, at the end of the month I’d go to the snackbar and buy candy bars to get to the minimum, if it was truly my health they were worried about, they were FAILING)

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