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Earth Day! April 22, 2011

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Okay my friends, let’s celebrate Earth Day! Share your waste free lunch by posting links to your blogs in the comment section. If you don’t have blog, you can just list the contents of your lunch. If you’d like to submit a picture, please do so and I will update this entry with your picture. Pictures can be sent to:

To get things started, I wanted to pass on these fun deals that can help you go waste-free!

Check out this deal from Mamapedia…$12 for $24 worth of re-usable lunch bags. And aren’t they cute? You can click on the picture to head on over to Mamapedia.

And here is another deal, also from Mamapedia. $15 for $30 worth of product from Cafe Press. Go get yourself some cute re-usable bags! Again, click on the picture to head on over.

Until Sunday, you can enter the code EASTER10 to save an additional 10% on both purchases. And, no, this post is not sponsored by Mamapedia, Re-Pac or Cafe Press.

Now, the fun begin! Here is my lunch for today.  Today’s lunch celebrates both Earth Day by being waste-free and Easter!

The Contents – Green apples, snap peas, cucumber and bunny carrots.  Two baby chicks sitting upon a nest of noodles.

The Details – The noodles are simply tossed with a bit of oyster sauce for flavor.  The baby chicks are made of a hardboiled egg and leftover Halloween sprinkles for the eyes and a triangle of carrot for the beak.  To make the triangles, I just used kitchen scissors to snip out a bit of a carrot slice.  Once you snip four or more triangles out, you’re left with a “flower” to decorate the noodle nest.

The Verdict – My oldest son asked if they were penguins…

And for dessert:

Chocolate “dirt” pudding with green sprinkles (that you can’t see) topped with marshmallow bunnies!


One Response to “Earth Day!”

  1. Jen Says:

    My garbage free lunch included PB&J sushi rolls, apple pieces, grapes, pirate booty, candy eggs and a peep packaged in my favorite box and water in a reusable bottle. Due to how extensive the trash to cash program is at my son’s schooI, the only garbage that I will have from the products I used today to make my lunch is a plastic wrapper from the peeps package and the bread bag. The full size pirate booty bag, the ziplock bag the grapes come in, and the lids to the peanut butter and jelly are all trash to cash items and all other packaging is recyclable. 🙂

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