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MIA… May 11, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 3:14 pm

My apologies…it’s gotten to be that time of the year when things just get a little crazy!  No worries, my kids have been eating lunch, and I even have pictures to prove it.  I just haven’t had much time at the computer to share.

Here’s lunch the day after Easter…note the egg salad sandwiches and leftover angel food cake cupcakes!  It turns out that my kids really like egg salad, so we had quite a bit of that.  They liked it in sandwiches or sent in their thermoses with crackers.

We kept it simple for Easter this year and did a simple sandwich bar.  My kids had leftover chips and lunch meat following Easter as well.  My daughter seems to be on a bread strike, so rolled lunch meat is a good alternative for her.

There were also a few leftover croissants, so they got those one day…with sugared strawberries that went with the angel food cake muffins and fresh whipped cream, yum!

When we ran out of Easter leftovers, we had plenty of boring old sandwiches…

And then we got HER.  This is Mia.  She’s a 10 week old English lab and impossibly cute but has managed to bring life to a complete standstill.  I tried to bring her in to the office today to help me work, but she’s already let me know what she thought of that, if you catch my drift.

But I did want to show you my new containers:

They work really well with thermoses.  I was struggling because my other containers were really too big when I sent thermos lunches but this two-compartment container seems to do the trick.  This lunch was tuna and egg salad sent with Stacy’s Pita Chips and fruit.  I really like how this combination of containers fits so nicely into their lunch boxes.

And finally, here is today’s lunch.  Well, this is my older son’s lunch.  It’s huge.  As I told him, “I packed you an entire grocery store, so please quit buying junk food off the snack table at school!”  We’ve been having a problem with him claiming to still be hungry and buying cookies at school…I hate that there is not a healthy option if he’s really hungry, aside from buying an entire hot lunch.

Anyhow, today’s lunch contains two mini ham and cream cheese bagels, half an apple, a carrot, some broccoli and part of a donut.


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