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Spring Lunches June 15, 2011

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Ah, one problem solved.  Some time ago, I hit some magical combination of keys that made everything on my blog miniscule.  As in need granny glasses to read small.  And since I don’t own granny glasses (yet), it was near impossible for me to write a post as I couldn’t see a darn thing I was trying to type.  Tonight, I finally figured out that this problem doesn’t exist if I use IE (I typically use and prefer Firefox), so IE it’ll be until I can figure out how to back out of this little (pun intended) problem I created for myself.  Anyone?

That being said, that’s not my only excuse for not posting.  Have you noticed that I stopped posting around the time this darling entered our lives?

Mia is now almost 16 weeks old and last week, she was a mighty 27 pounds.  Yes, she is going to be a big girl.  A big girl who doesn’t let me get to the computer too often.  She’s a good girl, but boy, keeping an eye on her is worse than keeping an eye on a busy toddler.  I don’t know how some of those mommy bloggers with toddlers do it.

But anyhow, I have a few last lunches to share with you before we break for summer.  My kids still have another 7 days of school (who’s counting) so you might get a few more lunches out of me, but no promises.  Next week looks to be busy!  This summer, I plan to share other lunch ideas, but I also have a few other ideas swirling around.  I hope you’ll visit often.

Without further ado, several lunches from the last month:

The Contents – cucumber slices, carrots, strawberries, turkey sandwich, chips and an elf cookie.

The Details – Despite the fact that Mother Nature seems to have some vendeta against those of us in the PNW, we are pretending that the weather is actually warm and suitable for BBQ’ing.  We don’t do a ton of hot dogs most of the year, but there is nothing better than burgers and ‘dogs off the grill so we’ve had more than a few this past month.  We always have leftover buns and I’ve found that they make up nicely sized sandwiches for these boxes.  The narrowness works well.  Because I was tight on space for this box (my kids requested leftover chips), I loaded up half a bun with lots of meat. 

The Contents – apple bites, an apricot, waffle sticks, deli turkey and an elf cookie

The Details – Look!  Pitted fruit!  Summer must be approaching, or atleast occuring in other parts of the country that we can now get apricots without paying an arm and a leg.  And they make such a simple additon to these boxes.  I split the apricot and pull the pit for my boys as they can’t do it on their own and they’ll eat way more of the fruit if I take the pit out.

I always send a small tuperware of syrup when I send waffle sticks.  Oy.  Syrup explosion in the Clone Wars lunch box.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it. 

The Contents – char sui, crackers, apple bites, banana, sugar peas, and a mint brownie

The Details – This is one of the few times that I’ve actually only used one insert in their lunch boxes.  As you can see, everthing was a little oddly shaped so this format worked well.  The peas were added to stabalize everything, plus my kids like them.

I didn’t make those brownies.  But they were as good as they look.  I love having friends that bake and share, don’t you?

The Contents – apples, banana, sushi sandwich rolls, veggie crisps and oreos

The Details – Sushi sandwich rolls are a different twist on a standard sandwich.  This box actually contains two stacked rolls, which is the equivalent of 2/3 of a sandwich.  They’re quite simple to make – cut the crusts of your favorite bread before rolling the bread flat.  Layer in your favorite sandwich fillings, roll and slice.  I find it helpful to spear the sandwiches – makes it fun, but more importantly, it holds the roll together.  My kids like their bread “dry” so there is otherwise nothing “gluing” the sandwich shut.  The only thing I don’t like about these sandwiches is that I have this thing against cutting crusts…I think my mom has it pretty well drilled into my head that that is where all the nutrients are 😉  But its a fun change, and my non-bread eating daughter will actually eat a few bites of bread when presented this way.



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