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Road Trippin’ July 12, 2011

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Sorry I’ve been away for a bit.  We were road trippin’ across a few states.  I will be the first to admit that I *hate* road trips.  There is absolutely nothing I like about them.  I get carsick.  One of my kids gets carsick.  Another one just has a hard time sitting for a long time and really, he such a toothpick, I’m sure it is uncomfortable to sit for hours on end with no padding!  I try to sleep through as much of it as I can (which annoys the living daylights out of my hubby) but then I wake up with cricks in my neck and a sore back…which gives me a lasting headache.  Then you add fighting kids to the mix.  You get the picture.

But this year, I will admit, was better.  My kiddo and I took medication for carsickness and it seemed to help.  It made me ultra tired and my husband claims I slept for 10 out of the 11.5 hours we were in the car.  If my aching neck and back are any indication, he is right.  My kids only fought a bit.  And, I got to pack Bento breakfasts.  Is it silly that that makes me happy?

We make this journey every summer and we have it down to a science.  We leave at 4am, drive until 9am.  Stop for gas and a potty break.  Drive until 1pm.  Stop for lunch and gas.  Drive until we get to our destination around 4pm.  Go out for pizza at the same joint, year after year.  I always pack breakfast for the car and the last couple of years, I’ve done it Bento-style.  Take a peek…and keep in mind, both times I was clearing out a fridge 🙂

Breakfast 1:  Brown sugar mini bagels and cream cheese, hard boiled egg, carrot sticks and apple bites.

Breakfast 2:  Pig-in-a-Blanket, extra sausage, hard boiled egg, carrots, cherries and apples.

This was way too much food for my daughter, but both boys ate all of this meal over the course of the morning.  The concept of a Pig-in-a-Blanket is new to my kids (don’t ask) so they are loving it.  I think I’ll save this idea for lunches in the fall since they are so big on breakfast for lunch.

The other thing they got was a ziplock bag of treats.  Ziplocks, I know, I know.  But every once in awhile, they serve a purpose.  In this case, their bag of treats included a package of gum, some mint lifesavers, a small bag of corn nuts and a pouch of fruit snacks.  The best part of the ziplock bag is that they each had a mini-garbage bag and instead of throwing their wrappers on the floor they put them in the ziplock.  The only “fail” was that they also put their chewed gum straight into the bag, yuck. 

Once we were on vacation, we got plenty of use from our Bento boxes too.  I didn’t pack Bento-style but they were great containers for taking portable lunches and picnic dinners. 

Hoping I don’t have to pack a lunch for awhile…3 weeks if I’m lucky 😉



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