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Meow! Kitty Cat Birthday July 19, 2011

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 Anyone who knows my youngest son knows how much he loves cats.  He has a soft spot for all animals, but his most favorite is a cat.  He has a million stuffed cats, and still, at the age of five, he wakes up pretending he is a cat and when he needs a snuggle, he is most likely to crawl into my lap and meow and purr.  One of the things I love best about my youngest is that he knows what he likes and until recently, he didn’t care what others thought.  Two Halloweens ago, he was a green sparkly kitty.  And when he was turning four and his favorite color was purple and he wanted a kitty birthday party, that’s what we did.  It turned out to be one of my favorite parties.

We started right off with a craft:

 This was the most expensive part of the party, but it served many purposes so I went ahead and splurged here.  Somehow, I managed to find a bunch of full size Webkinz cats for $5.  At the time, Webkinz were all the rage with these little ones who have older siblings, so they ended up to be quite a hit.  I also had lots of fleece scraps left from a different project and made each kitty a small blanket.  I converted one of my toy shelves into kitty crates…and each kitty was placed with a small cat bowl that we found at the dollar store and bag of kitty treats (goldfish crackers). 

Each kiddo got to choose a kitty to adopt and then we all sat down to make them a collar (pony beads on stretch elastic) and decorate a cat carrier.  For the cat carrier, I ended up getting cardboard take out boxes  from a local deli.  My husband cut a door into the side of each carrier and we set out stickers and markers and let the kids have at it.   

Once all the cats were snug in their carriers, we played “Pin the Whiskers on the Cat”:


 Simple cat face made out of a piece of poster board and construction paper.  Great fun…unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the cat with whiskers.  Just as well, he looked like he had been partying a little too hard…

After all this activity, the kid were hungry, so we headed to the table to play a quick eating game:

 My little guy has January birthday so he often gets several calendars…this year he got two cat calendars so I took one apart and used the pictures as placemats.  There was much fighting over where to sit.  Who knew.  Anyhow, we had cat cookies waiting on the table, but then came the real fun.  I put a scoop of vanilla yogurt into each of the aforementioned cat bowls and the kids had to lap up their “milk.”

That took awhile to clean up, and then we were ready for a real lunch:

 The kitty sandwiches are simply PB&J cut into circles and decorated with chocolate chip eyes, carrot noses, stick pretzel whiskers and square pretzel ears.  Of course the kitties are surrounding mice!  The mice are made of strawberries with almond slices for the ears, mini chocolate chips for the eyes and nose and licorice string tails.

After presents and playing, it was cake time:

 This is one of my least favorite cakes, but he loved it. 

If you can indulge me in a mommy moment, one of the reasons that this was one of my favorite parties is that he wasn’t 100% sure that he should have a kitty party “because most boys my age don’t love cats as much as me, mommy.  They’re kind of girly and they might laugh at me.”  After much discussion, he decided that’s still what he loved best.  And you know what?  His friends loved it.  And he ended up getting three new stuffed cats (who are still all now very well-loved), cat wrapping paper and a cat game in addition to an assortment of boy toys.  I love that his friends just love him for who he is.


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