My Three Kid Circus

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Bento Meets American Girl Crafts July 21, 2011

Filed under: Crafts — Sarah @ 12:42 am

My daughter took a knitting class week, and she and her friends are completely swept up by the American Girl craze right now, and so I’ve been inspired to knit up a little something for her doll.  Like my needles for this project?  Perhaps you’ve seen them in other posts…usually, you’d see them strung up with fruit, maybe some sausage, perhaps some ham and cheese?

Yes, they are my favorite 6″ skewers 🙂 

They’re working out pretty well.

In other fun news, I was being my data geeky self and noticed I had a couple of referrals from a new-to-me site.  I don’t know why my stats didn’t tell me this before, but someone gave me a little write up last spring!  How fun is that?  Thanks, food ‘ n crafts!


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