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More Uses of Our Boxes: Cash Box! August 1, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 12:18 am

This past week was VBS week at our church. My job, this year, was to plan the service project. We asked kids to bring in new or gently used books, and we also hosted a book fair with proceeds turning into even more books for local children. The kids did incredible work, bringing in over 1,500 books!

Like I said, we hosted a book fair. And guess what I did?

Yes, I locked the cash drawer key IN the cash drawer. On Saturday night, with sales planned for Sunday.  And you correctly guessed that the vendor was not available on Sunday to lend me a hand.  So I had to get creative:


Do you like my very sophisticated cash box?  Loved that the change didn’t tip from compartment to compartment, and the bento box nestled nicely into a shoe box that held bills and checks. 

(Of course, the registered opened right up with my first cash sale on Sunday morning.  In my frustration and tiredness, I didn’t think to try that late Saturday night.)

Because it was VBS week and I was had to set up and sell at the book fair, my kids ate lunch at church a couple of times this week:

This lunch contained half a ham and cheddar sandwich on sourdough, granny smith apple slices, baby carrots, fresh peas from my friend’s garden, a couple of chocolate covered pretzels and a Werther’s Original.  Do you have trouble with sourdough bread getting soggy?  All my kids complained that their bread was wet.  My boxes were flat in the cooler and the produce was dry.  The only thing I could come up with was the sourdough bread.  Thoughts?  Experience?

The other lunch they took this week included hummus and pita, granny smith apple slices, baby carrots, rainier cherries and raspberries from my friend’s garden.  Yummy….loving the fresh produce!


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