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Tinkerbell/Fairy Party August 3, 2011

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When my daughter turned seven, we celebrated with fairies! 

My daughter has very crafty friends, so we started out with a few projects.  It was the first year of American Girl dolls, so she invited her friends to bring their dolls and they made tiaras and wings for their dolls:

This was a very last minute addition into the party plans, so I had to deal with what I had on hand.  The tiaras were made from circles of decorative wire and curling ribbon.  And the wings where made from pony beads and pipe cleaners.  Very last minute but an easy ice-breaker.

We then moved on to making fairy wings.  This was fun, but very messy.  I found plain nylon wings and the girls used liquid water color and eye droppers to decorate their wings.  They were gorgeous, but wet.  So wet, I’m not sure I’d recommend this project.  Maybe with brushes or spray bottles, though you’d end up with a different effect.

All of those projects actually took awhile (as in I had to tell them that craft time was up and bribe them with cake), so we so set the dolls up at the little tea table and then headed into the dining room for our own tea party:

Setting this table was fun!  We used real tea cups and saucers for pink lemonade.  Some of these were sets that were given to our family by my husband’s grandma, and some of them we found at a thrift store.  Each one was different, so that was pretty fun.  My daughter desperately wanted Tinkerbell plates, so we just bought those from a party store.  And the little flower hats were found on clearance at the craft store and embellished with ribbon, bells and their names written in sparkly ink, in cursive, of course!  I also sprinkled silk flower petals on the table.

These girls are fruit eaters, so I also did two platters of fruit.

And, per my daughter’s request, carrot cake:

Decorating the cake was actually quite simple.  I just used my daughter’s set of Disney fairies and then used a leaf tip to pipe leaves around the edge.  The flowers up top are actually candles (leftover from my mother-in-law’s birthday party the night prior).  The only poor planning on my part was that Tinkerbell caught on fire when her hand got a little too close to the handle 😉

After eating, we headed outside for a game.  10 fairies were lost and needed 10 girls to help locate them.  I attached each fairy to a very long piece of yarn and wound the yarn through out our woody backyard in a maze like fashion.  Each of the girls had a starting point and then had to follow their yarn to their fairy.  I attached different little prizes on the yarn a long the way…small pieces of candy, a butterfly.  Most of the girls were able to follow this pretty well, and all of the fairies were happily rescued!


2 Responses to “Tinkerbell/Fairy Party”

  1. this is awesome…I found the cute flowers on the chairs adorable. Where can I buy similar ones please?

    • Sarah Says:

      Hi Lalaine,
      Thanks for stopping by! I found the hats on the clearance at a craft store called Michaels. They are made foam, and I embellished them with ribbon.

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