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Girl Scout Camp August 9, 2011

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Last week was Girl Scout (day) camp for my daughter and so I was back to packing lunches.  This year, I loved that there was no “requirement” that lunches were disposible.  I use quotes around the word “requirement” because this is a term I tend to ignore.  I figure that if my child is willing to carry her empty lunch box, it shouldn’t matter what she brings.  Last summer, she just threw her empty box into her backpack and it was not a big deal at all. 

Here are a couple of the lunches she brought – there wasn’t much variety in what she ate day-to-day, so I won’t bore you!



The Contents –  Calabee snap peas, mini pita halves, carrots, grape tomatoes, strawberries and blueberry mix, hummus.

The Details – Love that I could bring out my rectangular boxes.  These two boxes stack on top of each other and are particularly nice for a lunch like this as the dividers come up high and there are slots in the lid so that each section is leak-proof.  The larger section is nice for dry food that can touch, or you can always use a silcone muffin liner if necessary.

The Contents – hot dog, cucumbers, carrots, grapes, crackers and a Fiber One granola bar

The Details – This lunch is packed into our favorite square box, minus two inserts.  The hot dog is sliced and reskewered, just because it is fun to eat food on a stick.  Proof that we do eat food in wrappers, I like that the granola bar helped protect the crackers by eating up a little bit of the otherwise too-large space.

Now that camp is over, I should mostly be done packing lunches for the summer… where are you finding inspiration for new lunch ideas?  Are you on Pintrest?  This is my new addiction.  Here’sone idea I found that I am going to try for my kids this fall.   

 Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit Muffins

Hope you’re all staying cool (or if you’re in the PNW, warm)!



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