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New Lunch Box Addition – FUNtainers! August 12, 2011

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This year, my BABY starts kindergarten.  That’s a different topic for a different day.  Being the baby of three, he’s pretty good at eating lunch on the go so he’s pretty used to eating out of a lunchbox and knows all about his mama’s lunch packing obsession.  But, unlike his older siblings, he’s a drinker.  Not only is he a drinker, he loves his milk.  My mom asked why I couldn’t just send a quarter to school and let him buy milk, but 1) that’s not as eco-friendly and 2), they have a short lunch period and I don’t want him wasting eating time standing in line for a cup of milk.  We searched high and low for a waterbottle that would keep his milk cold, and then I remembered these:


We already have the FUNtainer food thermoses and those have been incredibly useful.  We use those several times a week between lunches and car dinners.  They’ve held up really well and Target had the beverage bottles on sale this week, so I figured we’d give them a go.  Washed one out and gave it a test drive and TOTAL WINNER.  The kids love them.  It kept their drink *really* cold all day and best of all, the stainless steel did not change the flavor of their water at all.  The bottled didn’t leak and it was easy for all of them to use.  Of course, I like that it’s BPA free and sweat-free.  My daughter liked that she didn’t have to pick a character bottle, though the plain stainless does show fingerprints.  I’m hoping that having nice cold water (they’re not milk drinkers) will help the big kids drink more liquid at school too.  I don’t send juice too often, but these will work out for those special days too.

What new adds are you finding for your kids’ lunchboxes this year?


One Response to “New Lunch Box Addition – FUNtainers!”

  1. I don’t know how I lost your blog, but I found it again! Anyway, I, too, have a couple of kids that love milk. I agree, it’s a waste of resources and time to have the child buy milk at school. One of my children loves her milk ice cold, so I will throw in an ice cube or throw the thermos in the freezer for a bit before filling it up. It keeps milk and other drinks well. I have even sent smoothies to school with them.

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