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Winding Down…and Winding Up August 19, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 6:18 pm

My kids have two and a half weeks of their summer break to go, and so we are starting to wind down and up at the same time…winding down from planned summer activities and just trying to pack in those last “must-dos,” and winding up for the busy school year to start, which means sports and lessons and all that good stuff that goes along with the school year.  This past weekend, I bought an ungodly amount of red meat to cook and freeze for the fall…I think I must have had 15-20 pounds of ground beef that turned into taco/enchilda filling and meatballs, plus two roasts that turned into shredded italian beef for either sandwiches or some sort of pasta or potatoe “stir fry.”  My freezer is defrosted and starting to fill up with quick to prepare meals.  This year, I also tried to freeze enough for lunch leftovers.  For example, my kids like to take soft tacos for lunch, so I added an extra cup of taco filling when I froze my dinners.  They’ve already dug into the meatballs:

The Contents –  Triscuts, carrots sticks, green beans, grapes, apples and meatballs on a stick

The Details – This lunch was taken on yesterday’s “Eastside Tour,” in which we knocked blueberry picking, taking the dog swimming and ice cream off the summer bucket list.  I knew there would be lots of blueberry snacking (and ice cream, of course), but we still needed lunch to last the day.  Little bit of fridge cleaning out, but the big “prize” item was the meatballs, of course.

The Verdict – Kids loved the meatballs…cracked me up that my littlest ate the middle one first, then the outside balls.  I did learn that it takes him a LONG time to eat this quantity of food, but that he will eat this all.  He’s headed off to all day kindy in a few weeks, so we’ll see what happens!

Today, we knocked “going to the beach” off our summer bucket list.  I ended up with 5 kids under my watch, though we went with two other families, which was great.  This beach is actually an island with no amenities so everything you need must be packed in.  It’s been awhile since I packed a lunch in this “format,” but every once in awhile, it serves it’s purpose:

Threw it all into our softsided cooler and beach bags, and off we went!  Lots of sandy hands digging around – the beach is the best for sharing with everyone and everyone!


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