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Day #2 September 8, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 12:56 pm

Well, the good news is that they all wanted to go back for day number 2. This morning, there was a bit of grumbling about lunch contents and buying versus bringing, but we got it all worked out. Here is today’s lunch:


The Contents – Half an egg salad sandwich on wheat, pretzels, apples and cantaloupe. Candy of choice.

The Details – Apparently, my youngest has quite the thing for egg salad. I wonder how many days in a row he will request it? Today we did sandwiches as there were complaints about the crackers yesterday, as they only had a “hint of salt”. My older kids are afraid their bread will get soggy, so we will see what they have to say when they get home. They were also worried about soggy pretzels, but that was easily fixed with silicone muffin liners. A bit of fruit with a pick for easier eating rounded out their lunch.


2 Responses to “Day #2”

  1. TJ Says:

    For the egg salad, you can also put lettuce leaves between the salad and the bread, and that should help with the sogging. The lunch looks really good, though.

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